Die großen internationalen Paketzusteller wie DHL wollen Russland nun meiden, Mastercard schränkt den Zahlungsverkehr ein. Zudem wird auch der Zugriff auf Google Maps und Netflix verwehrt. Sogar ein einfacher Cheeseburger bei McDonald’s wird den Russen verwehrt.

Der wirtschaftliche Schaden dieser Sanktionen wird enorm sein – und es wird alle Einwohnern Russlands auffallen, wie Wladimir Putin mit seiner Invasion der Ukraine ihnen persönlich schadet.

Sorgte für eine harte wirtschaftliche Gegenreaktion: Wladimir Putin

Die lange Liste der Teilnehmer an den Sanktionen

Diese Unternehmen machen bei den Sanktionen mit – die Liste ist auf Englisch:

Alstom – exit from the market

Apple Pay – full block

Apple – complete exit from the market

Adidas – refusal to work with the national football team

Audi – out of the market

AMD – ban on the supply of microchips and soon a ban on the supply of video cards

Amazon – a complete block of all retail

Adobe – full block

British Petrolium – 20% of shares left Rosneft

BBC – revocation of broadcasting licenses

BMW – closes factories, blocks supplies

Bolt – market exit

Boeing – exit from the market

Carlsberg – exit from the market

Chevrolet – out of the market

Cannes Festival – bloc rf delegation

Cadillac – out of the market

Carlsberg – export restriction

Cex Io – crypto platform bans ru users

Cinema 4D – app not working

Coca Cola – exit from the market

Danone exits the market with its subsidiary Prostokvashino

Disney – cancel all movies

Dell – exit from the market

Dropbox – will stop working in the country in a few days

DHL – exit from the market

Eurovision – disqualification

Ericsson – exit from the market

Exxon Mobil recalls all specialists from Russian oil companies

Etsy – block of all balances on ru accounts

Facebook – Russian media account ban

FedEx – complete ban on deliveries

Ferrari – exit from the market

Formula 1 – cancellation of the tournament in Sochi

Ford – closes all stores

FIFA – disqualification of the national team for the World Cup and a ban on holding any international matches in the Russian Federation

Google Pay – partial block

Google Maps – info block for Russia

General Motors – stops exports

HP – import ban

Harley Davidson – cut off supplies

Heineken – exit from the market

Instagram – blocking propaganda

Intel – microchip supply ban

Jaguar – out of the market

Jooble – removed the service and made a statement

KUNA – market exit

Lamborghini – exit from the market

Lenovo – exit from the market

Levi’s – exit from the market

LinkedIn – preparing for a full exit from the country

MOK – cancellation of all competitions

Mastercard – suspension of card production, shutdown of several banks

Maersk – stop deliveries to / from Russia – goodbye gear with Ali express and ASOS

McDonald’s – exit from the market

Mercedes – out of the country

Megogo – delete all Russian movies

Metro – dismissal of 10k employees

Mitsubishi – dismissal of employees of 141 service centers

Microsoft Office – a wide range of measures are being discussed

Mobile World Congress – refusal of accreditation for a delegation from the Russian Federation

NFT – a block of funds of users of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, the transfer of their money to Ukraine

NHL – full block for players from Russia

Netflix – block for Russian subscriptions, stop production of Russian TV series

Nike – close all stores

Nintendo – a ban on purchases in rubles

Nestle closes all 6 factories in Russia

OnlyFans – closure in the country

Paysera – blocking

PayPal – freezing accounts for withdrawal

Paramount – film distribution block

Parimatch – franchise withdrawn

Play Station – unable to complete payment

Pornhub – ban on access to content

Porsche – exit from Russia

Renault – exit from the market

Samsung pay – service blocking

Snapchat – out from the app in Russia and Belarus

Scania – exit from the Russian Federation

SpaceX – delivery of Starlink to Ukraine

Shell – termination of the contract with Gazprom

Spotify – unable to pay for subscription

Sony – exit from the market

Swatch – exit from the market

Twitter – you can not register accounts for citizens of the Russian Federation

TikTok – massive ban of aggressive fuckers and so-called media

Toyota – dismissal of 2,600 employees

UEFA – cancellation of the Champions League final in St. Petersburg, a ban on all clubs from participating in the Champions League and the Champions League, termination of the contract with the general sponsor Gazprom

UPS – complete ban on deliveries

Universal Music Group – exit from the market

Universal pictures – film distribution block

Visa – blocking banks under sanctions

Volkswagen – get ot of country

Volvo – withdraw from the Russian Federation

Yandex – exclusion of company shares from quotations on the NY stock exchange

YouTube – blocking hundreds of RF channels and their monetization

Warner Bros cancels all film distribution

Webmoney – prohibition of transactions

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